About EHR Consultants

Established in 2018, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) carries together companies that create, market, and help electronic health records, to compare on issues that have impact our business and also our collective consumers, clinics, hospitals and doctors that show the major number of users of EHR. We normally work together to raise an issue with a united voice on these topics in a non-competitive, collegial effort to understand, educate, and collaborate with all stakeholders engaged with EHRs and health information technology.

The operators of EHR on the premise that the instant, extensive acceptance of EHRs is vital to enhance the quality of patient care, and also the efficiency and sustainability of the structure of health care, as a chief enabler of health care conversion. The EHR and its members are dedicated to helping protective healthcare distribution, nurturing sustained invention, and working with high truthfulness in the marketplace for our operators and their patients and also their families.

Our main objectives emphasis on co-operative efforts to accelerate health IT adoption, advance interoperability, and recover the superiority and effectiveness of care through the use of these significant skills. In addition to this, we also strive to involve the electronic health records software developer public and many other shareholders as saying the electronic health records, standards development in IT health, electronic health record guarantee procedures and standards, interoperability, patient safety, EHR usability, secrecy and safety, electronic presentation and excellence measures, health IT-focused public policy, and various others electronic health records related reservation that are the main subject of enchaining administration, payer and also the provider focus.

The EHR software is vigorously involved with the expert companies that show the providers, both in hospitals, clinics, and doctors to spread a best understanding and open diallage regarding health IT adoption, EHR usability, patient safety, meaningful use, quality improvement, and other public and private programs focused on relevant topics.

Our communal impartial is to make sure that there is a popper agreement on in which ways and how these issues associate to expressive and safe EHR acceptance and use in all healthcare delivery environments.